A Quick Guide to Italian Desserts

The Italian cuisine has evolved over the years and this masterpiece has been crafted from several other cuisines like the Greek as well as the Roman and Etruscan kitchens. The Italian cuisine has existed for a very long time and it is well known for pastas, wine and pizza. The cuisine is distinguished and its evolution has seen the use of several different ingredients like pepper, potatoes, tomatoes and maize that are intercontinental ingredients. These were introduced as far back as the 18th century. It makes use of ingredients of several different cultures and you can still have a home -like experience after trying some of the Italian their inter-continental desserts.

The Italian cuisine has significant cultures that propagate family time and bonding. Most Italian dishes are composed of two major ingredients: cheese and wine and this are perfect for most Italian desserts. Dessert is usually served as the last meal course of the day and they are sweet and generally a mixture of sugary fruits and cheese. There are other desserts which are prepared in a liquid forms. Italians commonly refer to these as “digestivo” They are also are usually served as second dessert meal courses. Amongst this categories are coffee, sweets and cakes.

Pasta is one of the most widely consumed Italian desserts and is perhaps eaten almost on a daily basis. This simple mixture of pasta, pepper, olive oil and garlic is a recipe every Italian will love to include on their menu. This recipe is ideal especially for growing children. The Italian dessert cuisine blends a mixture of pizza, cheese and pasta and yet with such few health benefits, Italians can still boast of having the fifth highest life expectancy in the world. These records are clearly illustrated by the world health organization.

Below are some of the typical Italian desserts you definitely want to try and it’s important to understand that these sweets are healthy for kids, teens and adults. However some of the desserts may be unhealthy for some elderly folks, especially those with diabetes and health issues that renounce the consumption of fats and sweets.

Looking to make your own desserts? Check out these ones from the Food Network here!

Panna Cotta – This involves steaming cream with honey and egg whites. These are best garnished with chocolate or caramel sauce.

Zabaglione – It is made up of eggs, sweeteners and wine. The mixture is creamed in boiled water until smooth and is served as a drink.

Chocolate Gelato-Sandwiches – This delicious delicacy is an attractive roll of brioche with chocolate ice cream. This dessert also has a creamy mixture of fruits, sweeteners and other ecstatic flavors.

Florentines –  They are crispy cookies that are garnished with almonds or orange zest.

Lemon Ricotta-Granita – They are made from lemon and it’s a composition of sweeteners and ricotta.

Cannoli – This is a honeyed and milky mixture of ricotta and it is served with pie dough.

Zeppole – It is cooked dough gateaux coated with sugar. It is attractive and has an exceptional flavor.

The Italian cuisine is spectacular and Americans are directly involved with it, especially given the influx of Italians into America. Michael Chiarello, from Napa Valley the author of cookbook Bottega and the owner of Bottega defines the Italian cuisine as an authentic specimen of refined tastes and textures. Other American chefs like Lidia Bastianich, also compliments the amazing blend flavors and ingredients of the Italian cuisines to produce excellent recipes.