Is Pasta good for your Health?

Spaghetti and meatballs with the lush Italian sauce. Mouthwatering, right? We know as well as anyone that while it sounds amazing and delicious, most of us will still think twice before having that for dinner. And why? Because we are told that we cannot stay healthy while eating pasta.

While you may be told that by a lot of people and even your doctors sometimes, it just isn’t true. Let us answer all your How’s and Why’s and tell you why we think so.

How is Pasta healthy for you?

  • Multi-nutrient diet: Pasta is always accompanied by other nutrient-dense foods like beans, vegetables, seafood and in the Italian sauce’s case, anti-oxidant packed tomatoes. These combinations provide us with all the nutrients that we require in our balanced diets.
  • Energy: We have all been taught to worry so much about carbohydrates that most often we don’t even distinguish between good and bad carbohydrates. Kinds of pasta are a source of complex carbohydrates and they are really good for our health. They don’t only sufficiently fulfill our carbohydrate needs while also keeping us healthy, they provide us with enough energy to sustain throughout the day.
  • Low-Sodium: Sodium is a source of a lot of diseases, including heart problems but pasta is free from sodium and even cholesterol which is another unhealthy nutrient that most foods are feeding us.
  • Enriched in folic acid: Folic acid is very important especially for young women and doctors are always advising people to add folic acid in their diets to maintain the level of hemoglobin in their blood. Pasta not only increases its level but also helps us maintain it.

Pasta and Weight Loss

Like us, if you are one of those people who can never regulate or just stop at a few spoons of a good pasta dish then we have another solution for you. Pasta is healthy but in moderate amounts, like everything else in life but if you fear that you would not be able to ascertain that amount or control your diet then we have another solution for you. A very popular weight loss supplement that has been helping people control their weight by increasing their metabolic rate, lipodrene, helps burn fat more actively and suppressing your appetite. It helps a lot in controlling your diet through its suppressive abilities and making sure that you don’t eat those extra spoonful’s and even if you do, the increased metabolism and fat burning properties deal with your weight, making sure that you reach your weight goals and stay healthy while eating pasta.

A Quick Guide to Italian Desserts

The Italian cuisine has evolved over the years and this masterpiece has been crafted from several other cuisines like the Greek as well as the Roman and Etruscan kitchens. The Italian cuisine has existed for a very long time and it is well known for pastas, wine and pizza. The cuisine is distinguished and its evolution has seen the use of several different ingredients like pepper, potatoes, tomatoes and maize that are intercontinental ingredients. These were introduced as far back as the 18th century. It makes use of ingredients of several different cultures and you can still have a home -like experience after trying some of the Italian their inter-continental desserts.

The Italian cuisine has significant cultures that propagate family time and bonding. Most Italian dishes are composed of two major ingredients: cheese and wine and this are perfect for most Italian desserts. Dessert is usually served as the last meal course of the day and they are sweet and generally a mixture of sugary fruits and cheese. There are other desserts which are prepared in a liquid forms. Italians commonly refer to these as “digestivo” They are also are usually served as second dessert meal courses. Amongst this categories are coffee, sweets and cakes.

Pasta is one of the most widely consumed Italian desserts and is perhaps eaten almost on a daily basis. This simple mixture of pasta, pepper, olive oil and garlic is a recipe every Italian will love to include on their menu. This recipe is ideal especially for growing children. The Italian dessert cuisine blends a mixture of pizza, cheese and pasta and yet with such few health benefits, Italians can still boast of having the fifth highest life expectancy in the world. These records are clearly illustrated by the world health organization.

Below are some of the typical Italian desserts you definitely want to try and it’s important to understand that these sweets are healthy for kids, teens and adults. However some of the desserts may be unhealthy for some elderly folks, especially those with diabetes and health issues that renounce the consumption of fats and sweets.

Looking to make your own desserts? Check out these ones from the Food Network here!

Panna Cotta – This involves steaming cream with honey and egg whites. These are best garnished with chocolate or caramel sauce.

Zabaglione – It is made up of eggs, sweeteners and wine. The mixture is creamed in boiled water until smooth and is served as a drink.

Chocolate Gelato-Sandwiches – This delicious delicacy is an attractive roll of brioche with chocolate ice cream. This dessert also has a creamy mixture of fruits, sweeteners and other ecstatic flavors.

Florentines –  They are crispy cookies that are garnished with almonds or orange zest.

Lemon Ricotta-Granita – They are made from lemon and it’s a composition of sweeteners and ricotta.

Cannoli – This is a honeyed and milky mixture of ricotta and it is served with pie dough.

Zeppole – It is cooked dough gateaux coated with sugar. It is attractive and has an exceptional flavor.

The Italian cuisine is spectacular and Americans are directly involved with it, especially given the influx of Italians into America. Michael Chiarello, from Napa Valley the author of cookbook Bottega and the owner of Bottega defines the Italian cuisine as an authentic specimen of refined tastes and textures. Other American chefs like Lidia Bastianich, also compliments the amazing blend flavors and ingredients of the Italian cuisines to produce excellent recipes.

All you Need to Know about Lasagna

Italian cuisine is one of the most famous and most popular national cuisines in the world, a kitchen that on the map of the world gastronomy in gold letters print the names of the most favorite world dishes-pizza and pastas.

Whatever it is called, these perfections of Italian cuisine have crossed the path of food for exhausted seafarers to the royal feast.There is more than 600 types of pasta and it is really hard to distinguish between what they call and what they look like, Without any competition, according to many examination Lasagna dishes is the kind of pasta most popular in the world and no one stay indifferent if he try these delicious dishes.

Best Recipe for Lasagna – In Our Opinion!

When the Romans occupied Greece, they adopted local knowledge, culture worlds and food. It is believed that the name of this specialty comes from the Greek. Laganon which means a flat, thin dough cut into wide strips and although the Greeks did not invent this juicy dish of dough and meat, they surely contributed to the inspiration for its creation. The lasagna we know today is a richly layered dish that swims in a lavish tomato sauce made with minced meat, debuted in Naples, in the middle of 16th century. Believes or not, these meals are so popular that nowadays it has it’s own day.

Generally, it is characteristics Italian dish, especially presented in Italian regions of Emilia-Romagna and Marche, that is, in the whole of Central Italy. On the other hand, this dish is eaten all over the world and is a sort of synonym for Italian cuisine. Lasagna have a rectangular or square shape and are used primarily for baked dishes in the oven. The most widely used recipe are recipe with Sau Ragu, béchamel and parmesan. More recently, the use of mozzarella is also introduced. Instead of originally lasagna made from eggs, it is often used green color lasagna, made from spinach.

Globally, it is well-known that Italy is the capital of pasta, but the legend of its creation is all-encompassing. It is easiest to believe that Marco Polo was brought from China in the 13th century, but that is not true. In the time of the Roman Empire, the grain was free and no one would remain hungry. So, people mixed floor with water, dried it on wooden surfaces in the sun and stored this dough in rectangular shapes, such lasagna.


Italian Pasta – So Many Options

When you think of Italy, what comes to mind? Wine, art, romance, pizza, and pasta, of course. This makes the fact of pasta, potentially, not originating in Italy all that much more surprising. It’s much more likely a descendant of Asian noodles that were brought over by Marco Polo in the 13th century. Now there is over three hundred and fifty different varieties of pasta from common spaghetti noodles, to rigatoni, to lasagna (Yes, even that divider between the meat and cottage cheese is, technically, what lasagna is not the whole dish. I was surprised too).

Pasta, much like rice, is easy to cook. Which may have attributed to its overall popularity throughout the ages. I mean, risotto is delicious, and I love a calzone; but I’m busy, and not everyone can be Chef Gordon Ramses. Some of us are incredibly limited in our skills in the kitchen, as it is. Not to mention, it’s cheap and easy to make from scratch; it’s filling and makes for great leftovers. The best part of it all, is that no matter the dish, just about, any form of pasta’s three hundred and fifty descendants will work for any recipe.

Would you like some chicken alfredo? Try it fusilli. Want spaghetti and meatballs? Try using linguini instead of the traditional noodles. There really is no rule book or law of pasta; anything goes. If you’re like myself, pasta can be core ingredient to about sixty percent of your culinary skills. I’m not a very good cook; but even I can take some macaroni, boil it, add butter and cheese and eat heartily for about two days.

Come to think of it, just about all Italian cuisine is what makes up the majority, most peoples, leftovers. Including, the grandfather of all Italian cuisine, pizza. And, of course, I can talk about the bruschetta salads, the chicken parmesans, tiramisus. I’ve become particularly fond of gelato, as of late. But, we can all agree; there’s nothing much like staying in one night after the hustle and bustle of a work day and enjoy a nice pasta dinner, with some wine and someone special to share it with. Something easy and enjoyable after a long day. Like it did over seven hundred years ago, pasta has ingrained itself into our American culture. Whatever our background, we can all, and often do, enjoy this small piece of Italy.